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org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.math.blas.matrix.CSolve Class Reference

solver of matrix-equation. More...

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Public Member Functions

final IFuzzyValue< Boolean > execute (final boolean p_parallel, @Nonnull final IContext p_context, @Nonnull final List< ITerm > p_argument, @Nonnull final List< ITerm > p_return)
 defines a plan-body operation More...
final int minimalArgumentNumber ()
 minimum number of arguments More...
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final IPath name ()
 returns the name with path of the action More...
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final boolean equals (final Object p_object)
final int hashCode ()
final String toString ()
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default Stream< IVariable<?> > variables ()
 returns a stream with all used variables More...

Static Private Member Functions

static DoubleMatrix2D result ( @Nonnull final ITerm p_term)
 creates a matrix from the input term More...

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = -2024863045333250337L
 serial id More...

Additional Inherited Members

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long serialVersionUID = -6374480398439703170L
 serial id More...
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static final DenseDoubleAlgebra DENSEALGEBRA = DenseDoubleAlgebra.DEFAULT
 dense algebra More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.math.blas.IAlgebra
 IAlgebra ()
 ctor More...
 IAlgebra (final int p_length)
 ctor More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.IBuiltinAction
 IBuiltinAction ()
 ctor More...
 IBuiltinAction (final int p_length)
 ctor More...
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static final Logger LOGGER = CCommon.logger( IBuiltinAction.class )
 logger More...
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static final Logger LOGGER = org.lightjason.agentspeak.common.CCommon.logger( IAction.class )
 logger More...

Detailed Description

The action solve the equation \( A \cdot X = B \) for each input tuple, \( A \) is the first matrix argument within the tuple and \( B \) the second, which can be a matrix or vector, for each tuple the action returns \( X \), the action never fails

[R1|R2] = math/blas/matrix( Matrix1, Matrix2, [Matrix3, Vector1] );

Definition at line 53 of file blas/matrix/

Member Function Documentation

◆ execute()

final IFuzzyValue<Boolean> org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.math.blas.matrix.CSolve.execute ( final boolean  p_parallel,
@Nonnull final IContext  p_context,
@Nonnull final List< ITerm p_argument,
@Nonnull final List< ITerm p_return 
p_parallelparallel execution
p_contextcurrent execution context
p_argumentparameter of the action
p_returnreturn values
fuzzy boolean

Implements org.lightjason.agentspeak.language.execution.IExecution.

Definition at line 70 of file blas/matrix/

References org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.math.blas.IAlgebra.DENSEALGEBRA, org.lightjason.agentspeak.language.CCommon.flatten(), org.lightjason.agentspeak.language.CRawTerm< T >.from(), org.lightjason.agentspeak.language.fuzzy.CFuzzyValue< T >.from(), and org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.math.blas.matrix.CSolve.result().

Referenced by org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.TestCActionMathBlasMatrix.solve(), org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.TestCActionMathLinearprogram.solvemaximize(), and org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.TestCActionMathLinearprogram.solveminimize().

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ minimalArgumentNumber()

final int org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.math.blas.matrix.CSolve.minimalArgumentNumber ( )
number of minimal arguments

Implements org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.IAction.

Definition at line 62 of file blas/matrix/

◆ result()

static DoubleMatrix2D org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.math.blas.matrix.CSolve.result ( @Nonnull final ITerm  p_term)
p_termterm with vector or matrix

Definition at line 91 of file blas/matrix/

References org.lightjason.agentspeak.language.CCommon.rawvalueAssignableTo().

Referenced by org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.math.blas.matrix.CSolve.execute().

+ Here is the call graph for this function:
+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

Member Data Documentation

◆ serialVersionUID

final long org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.math.blas.matrix.CSolve.serialVersionUID = -2024863045333250337L

Definition at line 58 of file blas/matrix/