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org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.graph.CAdjacencyMatrix Class Reference

creates from a graph the adjacency matrix. More...

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Public Member Functions

final IFuzzyValue< Boolean > execute (final boolean p_parallel, @Nonnull final IContext p_context, @Nonnull final List< ITerm > p_argument, @Nonnull final List< ITerm > p_return)
 defines a plan-body operation More...
final int minimalArgumentNumber ()
 minimum number of arguments More...
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final IPath name ()
 returns the name with path of the action More...
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final boolean equals (final Object p_object)
final int hashCode ()
final String toString ()
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default Stream< IVariable<?> > variables ()
 returns a stream with all used variables More...

Static Private Member Functions

static Pair< DoubleMatrix2D, Collection<?> > apply ( @Nonnull final Graph< Object, Object > p_graph, @Nonnull final Map<?, Number > p_cost, final double p_defaultcost, @Nonnull final EType p_type)
 converts a graph into an adjacency matrix More...

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = -2499068539684263946L
 serial id More...

Additional Inherited Members

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long serialVersionUID = -6374480398439703170L
 serial id More...
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 IBuiltinAction ()
 ctor More...
 IBuiltinAction (final int p_length)
 ctor More...
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static final Logger LOGGER = CCommon.logger( IBuiltinAction.class )
 logger More...
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static final Logger LOGGER = org.lightjason.agentspeak.common.CCommon.logger( IAction.class )
 logger More...

Detailed Description

The action converts graphs into a matrix, if a string is put on the argument list it must be "dense|sparse" to define the resulting matrix, a map defines the costs of an edge, a number defines the default costs, the ordering of the arguments is completly independed, for each graph two arguments will be returned, the adjacency matrix and the node names and the action never fails. The cost-map does not need an entry for each edge non-existing edges have got on default zero costs with 1

[M1|N1|M2|N2] = graph/adjacencymatrix( Graph1, "dense|sparse", Graph2 );
[M1|N1|M2|N2] = graph/adjacencymatrix( CostMap, Graph1, Graph2 );
[M1|N1|M2|N2] = graph/adjacencymatrix( Graph1, 1, Graph2 );
[M1|N1|M2|N2] = graph/adjacencymatrix( CostMap, Graph1, Graph2, "dense|sparse", );
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Member Function Documentation

◆ apply()

static Pair<DoubleMatrix2D, Collection<?> > org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.graph.CAdjacencyMatrix.apply ( @Nonnull final Graph< Object, Object >  p_graph,
@Nonnull final Map<?, Number >  p_cost,
final double  p_defaultcost,
@Nonnull final EType  p_type 
p_costmap with edges and costs
p_defaultcostdefault cost value (on non-existing map values)
p_typematrix type
pair of double matrix and vertices

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References org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.math.blas.IAlgebra.DENSEALGEBRA.

Referenced by org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.graph.CAdjacencyMatrix.execute().

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◆ execute()

final IFuzzyValue<Boolean> org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.graph.CAdjacencyMatrix.execute ( final boolean  p_parallel,
@Nonnull final IContext  p_context,
@Nonnull final List< ITerm p_argument,
@Nonnull final List< ITerm p_return 
p_parallelparallel execution
p_contextcurrent execution context
p_argumentparameter of the action
p_returnreturn values
fuzzy boolean

Implements org.lightjason.agentspeak.language.execution.IExecution.

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References org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.graph.CAdjacencyMatrix.apply(), org.lightjason.agentspeak.language.CCommon.flatten(), org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.math.blas.EType.from(), org.lightjason.agentspeak.language.CRawTerm< T >.from(), org.lightjason.agentspeak.language.fuzzy.CFuzzyValue< T >.from(), org.lightjason.agentspeak.language.CCommon.rawvalueAssignableTo(), and org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.math.blas.EType.SPARSE.

Referenced by org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.TestCActionGraph.adjacencymatrix().

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ minimalArgumentNumber()

final int org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.graph.CAdjacencyMatrix.minimalArgumentNumber ( )
number of minimal arguments

Implements org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.IAction.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ serialVersionUID

final long org.lightjason.agentspeak.action.builtin.graph.CAdjacencyMatrix.serialVersionUID = -2499068539684263946L

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